Fostercare circle of care images on show at the Department for Child Protection SA

Meet the faces in our circle of care


The faces behind Centacare Foster Care’s new recruitment campaign have gone on show at the Department for Child Protection. The exhibition, which opened yesterday in Flinders St, offers a unique insight into the reasons why children come into care, and aims to raise awareness of the need for more foster carers and the different types […]

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Circle of care exhibition to open in Adelaide


  Meet Miriam, Ivan and Freya. The trio is among a cast of faces fronting a new campaign to encourage people to become foster carers. Launched by Centacare Catholic Family Services, the campaign puts children at the heart of a `circle of care’, and highlights the role of foster families in giving them safe and loving […]

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Foster Care - Join our circle of care

Growing demand for foster families for primary school aged children

The five-year-old face of Centacare’s new foster care campaign is one of the lucky ones. After spending eight months in residential care, `Jamie’ found stability and love with a foster family shortly before his fourth birthday.  Sadly, he is the exception rather than the rule, as a desperate shortage of carers for primary school aged […]

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Foster carers Lyn and Roy in Adelaide

Little things matter most to Lyn and Roy


Thirteen years fostering children has taught Lyn and Roy Matthews a thing or two about parenthood. From delighting in the seemingly small and sometimes silly things, to endless patience and love, the couple knows what it takes to raise a happy child. “It’s about giving them safety, because that makes all the difference,’’ says Lyn. […]

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Foster carers Bindee and Karen - Aboriginal foster carers in South Australia

Foster carers strong in culture

When Bindee decided to become a foster carer with her partner Karen, there was one person she couldn’t wait to tell. Sharing the news with her mother that two young Aboriginal boys would be placed in their care was a poignant reminder of the past for Bindee, but one that also reinforced her hopes for […]

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Creativity connecting children and families amid COVID-19

Foster carers and birth families are swapping sounds and pictures to stay connected during COVID-19. Their creativity is bringing joy amid the chaos to children, siblings and parents living apart. “Something like this always births innovation, and our families are going above and beyond to make sure there’s still meaningful and regular contact,’’ said Amalie […]

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Foster care photos - a voice for foster carers

Photovoice puts foster care in focus

Foster carers have used pictures to illustrate their journeys, to further understanding of their important role. Launched last week at Centacare, Seaton, Photovoice provides foster carers with a platform to express their experiences through visual narratives. The images provide a powerful insight into their everyday and help others to see foster care through their eyes. The project […]

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Foster carer Marianne - a short-term reunification carer.

Marianne has a family focus

Foster care is a truly family affair for Marianne Langes. Growing up, the 64-year-old shared her home with four siblings and three much-loved foster children, whom her parents later adopted. Marianne is now following in her parents’ footsteps, as a Specialist Short Term Reunification Carer at Centacare. For the past three years, she has played a […]

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Busting common myths about foster care

All children have the right to a family environment where they feel valued and safe. Foster carers provide this at a time when vulnerable children and young people need it the most. Sometimes misconceptions and fears stop families from exploring foster care because they cloud what the experience is really like. Let’s bust some of […]

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Breaking the age barrier

One third of children living in out-of-home care in South Australia are aged 12-17 years. Finding them homes can be difficult because of the perception they are less at risk than babies and toddlers and are more demanding to care for. But children and young people of all ages need a safe place to live and […]

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