Fostercare circle of care images on show at the Department for Child Protection SA

Meet the faces in our circle of care


As part of our latest recruitment campaign, we held an exhibition to debut characters to provide insights into why children come into care, what motivates people from the community to become carers and the different care dynamics. With the help of Quisk Design, we developed seventeen fictitious characters to help tell a range of stories about foster care.

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Circle of care exhibition to open in Adelaide


We’re excited to announce our upcoming Circle of Care exhibition in Adelaide. The exhibition highlights themes in foster care, through the eyes of seventeen different illustrated characters, including children, carers and even a pet dog. The exhibition will open on Monday 1st March 2020 at the Department for Child Protection gallery in Flinders Street, Adelaide.

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Foster Care - Join our circle of care

Growing demand for foster families for primary school aged children

Many South Australian children are missing out on the opportunity to thrive and meet developmental milestones due to a lack of foster carers. Over half the children waiting for foster care homes in the state are aged between five and nine. Read more about how rewarding it can be to foster children in this age group.

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Foster carers Lyn and Roy in Adelaide

Little things matter most to Lyn and Roy


Lyn and Ron have fostered twenty children over thirteen years, as reunification foster carers for Centacare. They have learned a lot since their first foster child and found their foster caring experience both rewarding and enriching. Read more about Lyn and Ron’s foster caring journey.

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Foster carers Bindee and Karen - Aboriginal foster carers in South Australia

Foster carers strong in culture

Meet Bindee and Karen. They are helping indigenous foster children remain connected to culture. Over half the children in the Centacare Foster Care program are Aboriginal. Understanding their cultural heritage is integral to develop a sense of belonging and identity. Read more about the Bindee and Karen’s inspiring story here.

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Creativity connecting children and families amid COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been tough for foster children and young people, limiting their interactions with their birth families. However, through the creative use of technology, foster carers have facilitated virtual interactions between birth families and their children. Read more about how this innovative response positively impacts foster children, their parents, and foster carers here.

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Foster care photos - a voice for foster carers

Photovoice puts foster care in focus

Centacare Foster Care is pleased to host the Photovoice exhibition, giving foster carers a creative voice. Facilitated by Master of Social Work student Sid Wagle, foster carers were invited to express their caring journey through a visual means, photos. The collection is on display at Centacare, Seaton. Read more about the project here.

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Foster carer Marianne - a short-term reunification carer.

Marianne has a family focus

Marianne is following in her parents’ footsteps as a foster carer. She is a Specialist Short Term Reunification Carer with Centacare. Her primary aim and motivation is to see the children she cares for return home to their birth families. Read more about her foster caring journey here.

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Busting common myths about foster care

Today we’re busting some common myths about foster care. There are many misconceptions about foster care, from a carers age or relationship status to the age of the children who need care and how long they need it for. Keep reading to sort foster care fact from fiction!

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Breaking the age barrier

Children and young people of all ages need a safe place to live. Many foster carers choose to care for babies and infants, making finding safe homes for school-aged children challenging. However, fostering a child aged between twelve and seventeen offers many rewarding experiences and is less physically demanding than caring for a baby or infant. Read more about being a foster carer for a teenager here.

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